Ken received his degree in Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1976, and graduated with his Juris Doctor decree, Cum Laude from the University of San Diego, where he received the "Book Award" for excellence in scholarship in the filed of Constitutional Law. During his final year, Ken interned at the office of the Municipal Attorney of Anchorage, Alaska, where he tried a number of cases. After graduating from law school, Ken passed the California Bar and then moved to Dallas, where he joined the Texas Bar in 1980. During his first stint in Dallas, Ken tried several cases in federal and state courts, including complex civil matters, federal conspiracy cases, and felonies. In addition, Ken handled several appeals in both state and federal courts.

In 1985 Ken took a temporary leave from the law and operated a business in Santa Barbara, California, where he raised his three children. Then, after serving for a short time as Vice President of a bank holding company, Ken opened his firm again in January 2008. Since then, Ken has continued his litigation practice, representing people in a wide array of cases, including family, probate, criminal, and bankruptcy. The largest practice area for his firm is mortgage litigation. Ken has handled hundreds of cases against major national and international banks defending against attempts at foreclosing properties. Ken's broad experience in the business, banking, and legal worlds make him uniquely able to assist his clients in resolving their problems.